Benefits & prices

We have a selection of top of the range sunbeds at Tan Tan to give you the best tan possible, in a short time. Our beds include the latest Ergoline models which have optimal performance without risk of burning. Prices are the same which ever bed you choose.

Along with reduced risk of burning by pre-tanning, sunbeds can offer many more benefits:

- Positive effect on skin condition such as acne & psoriasis

- Improves mood and lowers depression

- Positive effect on vitamin D, bone structure & reduces osteoporosis

We keep our prices simple:

£1 : minute


£9 : 10 mins

£12 : 15 mins

£15 : 20 mins

Customer Testimonials

"Very good sunbeds. You don't burn just go brown! Definitely recommend"

Tan Tan customer

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